Pump Services


These particular types of pumps and pump pits were introduced with the sole purpose of transporting waste water and raw sewage through to the main local authority sewer where gravity alone won’t suffice. The systems comprises of a series of heavy duty electronic pumps located at the bottom of large pits. The pumps are regulated by electronic floats which trigger the units into action once pit contents reaches a pre-ordained level. The efficient running of these systems is vital to prevent potential risk of flooding and in some cases pose hygiene and health and safety issues where sewage is being transported.

Our site engineers are fully trained to inspect and test key system components of any rain water and sewage pumping system and provide a diagnostics report to our workshop engineers.

Pump, floats and electrical control panel inspections can be ad-hoc or be placed on a maintenance contract to suit your individual needs. Please refer to our “Maintenance Programs” section for more details.

For help and advice on all your drainage and plumbing concerns, please call our advice line. One of our friendly operators is on standby to offer help and guidance on your drainage and plumbing issues.

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