Tree, bush and shrub roots naturally source moisture as a means of survival. These roots have the potential to invade sewer pipework causing clumps of roots to form resulting in blockages. In a worst case scenario, roots can cause severe damage to pipes resulting in large fractures and major pipe displacement. These root formations can occur in sections of pipe which are not accessible by hand.

USEFUL INFORMATION:It may be worthwhile contacting your buildings insurer if roots are the cause of the problem as repairs may be covered by your insurance policy.

In cases where root penetration has caused little more than a blockage, we have the latest root cutting and retrieval machinery to remove roots from within pipes to allow free passage of water and sewage. In these cases it is essential to carry out a CCTV survey to determine the quantity and location of the roots to be removed with a further survey post works to ensure complete root removal and ascertain the condition of the pipe.

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