Our tanker team are on hand to empty septic tanks, cesspits, petrol interceptors, sewage pump pits and other liquid storage facilities. We can safely and efficiently remove liquids and waste to be disposed of at a registered waste transfer facility for safe and environmentally friendly re-cycling or disposal. Our tankers are equipped with high pressure water jetting units enabling them to carry out thorough cleaning work as well as providing conventional tanker support.

Items we are licensed to handle include sewage, oil, anti-freeze and various fuels and other hazardous liquids.

Other common uses for tankers is the emptying of road side gully’s where manual removal of obstructions such as leaves, sludge and general debris can be time consuming and costly. Tankers can also deliver a cost effective method in controlling and clearing flood situations.

For help and advice on all your drainage and plumbing concerns, please call our advice line. One of our friendly operators is on standby to offer help and guidance on your drainage and plumbing issues.

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