At Eurorod, we have been quick to embrace the latest advances in drainage technology over the years. Pipe lining (sometimes referred to as “a liner”) is one of those advancements which has proved invaluable, especially where ground excavation isn’t a feasible option.

A CCTV survey will pinpoint the exact area(s) of pipe to be treated where damage is not visible at surface level enabling us to treat the area and inspect it upon completion.

Pipe lining is a method of correction where a resin impregnated polyester liner is pushed through the section of damaged pipe. The liner is inflated and left to cure producing a smooth surface enabling water and sewage to pass freely over the damaged section of pipe. It’s comparable to creating a pipe within the original damaged pipe.

This process can be applied to instances where pipes have:

  • Displaced joints
  • Cracks and fractures causing objects to snag and cause blockages
  • Partially collapsed section(s)

Lining is available in various diameters and lengths and installed to cater for individual pipe needs and is fast becoming the preferred method of repair superseding the expensive, time consuming and inconvenient traditional ground excavation method.

We also offer a wide range of installation and repair services from pipe installation to manhole repairs, manhole and gully cover replacements and works alike.

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