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Recurring blockages not only pose problems and inconvenience, constant clearance is costly in the long run. One of the most effective ways to help prevent regular blockages is to implement a preventative maintenance program. Our programs are tailored to individual needs with the work carried out when it best suits you (often after hours and at weekends). Maintenance programs usually range from monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annual visits and can also be tailored towards individual frequency needs. We’ll ensure we remind you of your service dates nearer their times.

The most common types of maintenance programs are those which involve the descaling and flushing through of pipes where high demands are placed on the drainage in establishments such as restaurants, office complexes, residential blocks and hotels.

Examples of types of maintenance programs include:

  • Urinal pipework descaling
  • Descaling the main pipe work that leads to the local authority
  • Sewage and water booster pumps and pump pit servicing
  • Culvert inspections and clearance
  • Stack pipe descaling

Surveyors, Managing Agents and Landlords have found maintenance programs to be cost effective in the fight against blockages by keeping communal pipework clear of scale, grease and fat and free-flowing.

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