We realise the impact flooding and water damage can have on individuals and business and our clients recognise the importance of the flood prevention advice we provide. However major or minor a flood, in all cases flooding causes disruption to those concerned.

USEFUL INFORMATION: It may be worthwhile contacting your buildings insurer in the event of flooding or an escape of water as the cost of repairs may be covered by your insurance policy.

Whether it’s a flooded light-well area or an underground car park or basement, our engineers are fully armed with the latest machinery to deal with any flood situation to minimise disruption and contain the flooding. Our engineers are also on hand to offer a clean-up service leaving affected areas fully sanitised with the help of the latest environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners.

For help and advice on all your drainage and plumbing concerns, please call our advice line. One of our friendly operators is on standby to offer help and guidance on your drainage and plumbing issues.

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