Recurring blockages in sections of pipe are often an indication of an underlying problem with the pipe itself. Excessive lime scale, cracks, displaced joints and collapsed pipes are not visible at ground level which is where underground CCTV surveying technology comes in to its own.

CCTV surveying is a cost effective means to pinpoint the cause of drainage problems without the need to undertake expensive and inconvenient groundworks.

Our CCTV surveying teams are highly trained in the use of our hi-tech surveying equipment, sending the camera straight to the heart of the problem. Our surveying equipment will unveil the cause of any problem, the distance from the camera insertion point (usually a manhole) and the overall condition of the pipe. The CCTV equipment will also ascertain the general condition of pipes, giving us a clear indication as to additional preventative maintenance e.g., descaling and flushing through.

Included with our CCTV service is a full report containing a detailed analysis and a copy of the survey footage provided on CD/DVD for review at your leisure. The report can also be provided as a PDF if preferred.

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